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My life as I know it O_o lol
This is my own will
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28th-May-2010 08:26 pm - Birthday!!
Akira 3
Masaomi Happy Birthday!!!
Ah I wish there was more Miracle Noton goods but there probably will never be any :(.

I'll probably write a longer entry once my exams are over. It been like 3 months since I last wrote here lol.
22nd-Feb-2010 11:28 am - Birthday and stuff XD
Akira 2
Happy Birthday to Akira

明、愛してるよ~ just had to say that lol ^^.  I just found out that its cat day in Japan as well so I thought I would include a picture of my 2 cats Misha and Sakura, they are soooooo cute just like Akira XD. I really hope at least another drama cd comes out for Miracle Noton because its like the best :D.

Photobucket Photobucket


6th-Feb-2010 07:28 am - Dream ^^
Akira 2
OMG!! I just had a kind of awesome dream lol. Well it didnt start that way but then it turned into a good dream XD It started with me in some random club but then I wanted to go home so I left and walked passed Mariah Carey for some strange reason lol and smiled at her and then I walked passed some random twins who were supposedly famous and this all happened on a red carpet because there was some film premiere on and I was walking right through it lol. Then all of a sudden I walked down some stairs and I was at the set for the Graham Norton show it was so weird lol. One of my friends was there and there was a load of other people there to, we were all asked to test these headphones there was a pink pair and a green pair and then after that they asked as to make a dome out of human bones and I was like right I'm getting out of here because I'm squeamish when it comes to bones and stuff so I went behind this curtain and this is now when it turned into a good dream. Suddenly Akira and Noton were there and I wasnt there anymore. They were in some place where it was snow everywhere and Akira was in a wheelchair for some unknown reason. So Noton was wheeling Akira across the snow and then there like all these cliffs and they were just falling off them and landing with no problem lol until Noton realised they had gone to far and the next cliff they fell off there was just blackness. Then they both woke up in some kind of palace or something there was a hot spring and I think it was Noton or Masaomi was trying to call someone but it wouldnt connect. Then this random women came and was like may I help you. Now this is when I kind of just remember parts of it even though it was awesome. There was a bit where Akira had to where blue dress with a hat omg he looked so cute and thats where I laughed and my sister came in and all of a sudden I paused it because it was I had been watching it on tv all of this time like an anime (omg I wish it was an anime ^^) but she wouldnt go away so I had to imagine the rest lol so thats when there was a smex scene between Noton and Akira but it was quite short because thats when I woke up ol. Oo and there was another random bit where Akira and Noton were with Japan from Hetalia and he was like to Akira you know we are about to enter Japan you do know that and Akira was like thats fine there's something I've being to ask somesone. Yeah it was strange and kind of awesome dream lol there was more stuff that happened but thats what I remember of it now XD but yeah just something kind of random to write about I doubt anyone will read it lol ^^.  Also I think it was my first dream about Miracle Noton lol.

Now for just some other things I found the cutest picture the other day and I was like awwww so yep its the pic in my icon I found it on the yahoo auction (yep I look even though I know I cant get anything ;() but it had been signed as well by Yura and I was like want it but I think it was some animate special thing probably something if you bought the game from there I'm not sure but omg its the cuteset pic ever! lol.
31st-Dec-2009 08:26 pm - New Year
Akira 2

Well its still a bit early but oh well lol just thought I'd say it now ^^. Well this year has been crap and I'm sure 2010 wouldnt be much better but oh well. Things that I learned this year is that I am a terrible friend and really have lost all motivation to anything really. So yep I  would like to try and change and be a better person but I'll probably just end up being the same old me.

25th-Dec-2009 11:13 am - Merry X'mas :)


Hope everyone is having a good day ^^


5th-Dec-2009 08:28 pm - Birthdays!!
all hail lelouch

Well today its Lelouch's birthday so


also it was announced that there's going to be a new Code geass :) YAY!! wonder what it will be a new season, movie, OVA. Can't wait!!

Also on december 3rd it was Kouki's birthday ^^ so Happy late birthday!!. I tryed to post a comment on the tennenouji bbs to say happy birthday but it kept coming up with an error I even tried at college and it stil did the same so maybe it doesnt allow foreigners to post just view the site.

23rd-Nov-2009 02:52 pm - Stuff
Akira 2
Wow its been like 7 weeks since I last wrote here. I've always been rubbish at keeping diaries and things XD but I'm going to try my best even though my entries arent really worth reading but oh well lol.

A few weeks ago I got my very first BL game yay!! Miracle Noton Negai wo Buchikonde! :). I completed it in a few days its so good ^^ I did play it before and wrote about it in my previous entry but its so much better actually owning the game ^^. It also came with a drama cd where Noton 'lost his memory' and couldnt remember Akira so Akira trys to make him remember by doing stuff they usually do together like play games and have smex XD but Noton still cant remember so Akira gets upset and then Noton says that it was an April fool prank and Akira is so relieved that he crys again and then they have smex and that bascially it oh and of course Akira hits Noton at the end like always lol.I listened to the other day. OMG!! I was nearly crying when Akira started crying because it just so sad that Noton couldnt remember him but at least it was just a prank ^^. Well here's some random pics :)


Here :)Collapse )

Last Wednesday I had my first NAB for psychology I'll find out tommorrow if I passed it or not Ii dont think I have because I dont think I wrote enough for the first question. It was on stress, everyone in my class wanted to do the one on memory but it was just down to fate because we got to pick either the orange envelope or the brown one so everyone went for the orange one and it turned out that one had stress in it. I had studied both but just before we started I got really nervous and I never get nervous at NABs. I probably was like that because I actually tryed for once and did alot of studying. I also had my biology NAB last Thursday but I wasnt bothered about that as I had already passed that NAB at school (because I did biology before but failed the exam). I still had to do the NAB just for revision and I actually passed it for a second time I got 33 out of 40 and that was with hardy any studying lol.

Oh its christmas in like 4 weeks already gave my mum my x-mas list which consisted mostly of Miracle Noton. Of course there was questions from my mum because on HMV, well for some things it asked if you were over 18 but on one of the Miracle Noton books it says 'boys love (manga themed on homosexuality)' and I thought she was fine with me liking that sort of thing after Junjou but I dont think she really is I think she is just having to try and accept it. She also asked me what it was and I said a game and then came the question what sort of game and I was like um you have to pick choices and she said like the sims XD and I was yes and then said no really quietly so I dont really know what she thinks now.

Oh yeah I also changed my layout a few weeks ago I dont know if anyone saw it I 'm still not to sure about the background pic .

30th-Sep-2009 11:47 am - Title XD
Ah!! lol um yeah I really should write in here more often I always mean to and then I cant be bothered XD. Meh well yeah so here's an update from me (well kind of lol).

Well a few weeks ago I played my first BL game ^^ Miracle Noton. I really liked it even though my japanese is not to good at the moment, I kind of got what was going on and it was mostly about the smex anyway XD. There was also a typing game as well which I manged to complete I was so proud lol. Expect there was times when I got stuck and had to look up how to type things for example 'tsu' had to be typed 'tu' but after I got over that problem it was fine. The rewards for completing each stage were a mini drama and then after stage 5 it was a desktop pic ^^. I really would like to buy the game and now I know where to get it after searching for it last week when I was at college like I am now XD but I have no money :( maybe I could try asking for it for christmas lol. My fav character in it has got to be Noton he is made of awesomeness lol.

OMG!! the vocal version of Lacie came out today well its actually called 'everytime I kissed you' but its so awesome its been in my head all morning but I cant listen to it at the moment since I'm at college supposed to be doing ECDL but meh cant be bothered XD.
5th-Sep-2009 05:01 pm - Happy Birthday!!
Akira 2

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! moirae59

hope you have a wonderful day :)
14th-Aug-2009 10:26 am - Stuff XD
Pandora 2
Well last Monday I finally got my copy of the first Pandora Hearts DVD and the Code Geass R2 Special Edition 'Zero Requiem'. They were held in customs for 3 days and then I would have gotten them sooner if stupid parcelforce didnt have an extra £12 delivery charge for delivering on a Saturday. They already charge £13.50 for holding packages so best not to get things by EMS if the items are over £18.
Well the DVDs are great ^^ The box for the Pandora Hearts DVD is beautiful it has a lovely picture on it ^^. It also came with 6 playing cards (Oz is on the jack of diamonds, Oscar on the king of diamonds and then the others are just the ace and 1.2.3 of diamonds), a binder and a new short comic (which has Gil in a maid outfit) but I cant read it dont know alot of kanji :(. On the DVD there is ep 1 plus the creditless op and ed, random adverts (there's one for Hetalia ^^). Also a special ep which is about 3mins but really funny and Gil is sooooooo cute in it XD

The Code Geass DVD also came with a box which is really nice but I dont have the black rebellion DVD to fill the other side of the box lol. It also came with 9 cards with pics from the special end and a bonus DVD with footage of the event "GO!GO!5FES'08. On the DVD there is a special ending creditless and also all 25 eps have been compacted and mixed up well I havnt watched it all yet lol but I will ^^ just need to be subbed.

Well not that long ago I got my copy of this months Animedia is has an awesome poster inside except on one side there's Pandora Hearts and the other 07-Ghost ahhhhh I hate when they do that with posters. I want to put both sides up but I think I'll put up the Pandora Hearts one since I like it more but the 07-Ghost one looks so cool.

The other day I bought Just be Friends off iTunes, it was finally on there even though I already have the song from when it first came out, I wanted to buy it because its better quality plus the album artwork is soooooooo pretty ^^. Now I only have 19p left XD.
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